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Top Signs That Indicate Outsourcing Is Good for Your Business

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Are you considering outsourcing some of your business functionality but don't know if this is a wise decision for your company? Each year, hundreds of companies rely on outsourcing for customer service, marketing, manufacturing, and more. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of outsourcing to determine if this is the right route for your business. [...]

The Pros and Cons of Offshoring and Outsourcing

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Every business faces challenges, especially when it comes to development and growth. One of the most difficult decisions is determining how much money to put toward each aspect of your business. From marketing to communications, there are many factors that have to be considered. For some companies, developing an in-house team can be far too expensive. [...]

Overcoming Automation: The Successful Statistics Behind Using a Call Center

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In the modern age of automation, where only the businesses keeping up with rapid changes in technology can cut the mustard, it’s important to outshine your competition. Call center outsourcing is an important facet of a thriving business—one that needs inbound call service management. Personalized Communications provides statistics proving that an effective call center helps businesses [...]

The Top Two Customer Service Trends of 2016

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Throughout 2016, customer service has been on every business owner’s mind. It has been one of the top priorities for companies of all sizes, from single-person operations run out of a home office and “mom and pop” stores to medium and global corporations. The reason customer service is so important is because businesses now realize the [...]

Call Centers for Doctor’s Offices

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Physician practices are not always that familiar with the benefits of using a call center for their office. They might assume call centers are just for retail businesses, and have misconceptions about calls having to be answered overseas or about not being able to receive emergency calls and messages in a time fashion. However, call centers [...]

Why Hire a Virtual Receptionist for a Home-Based or Small Business?

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As your business grows, it is not uncommon to find you are having less and less time to take care of essential core business functions. You might find yourself on the phone for hours on end with current and potential clients and customers. On the other hand, you may discover you are not able to take [...]

Medical Answering Services Provide Lifeline to Patients After Hours

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Patients’ needs don’t end when their physician’s office closes in the afternoon. Many patient needs, such as reporting side effects from medication or inquiring about new symptoms, happen outside the traditional hours of 9 to 5. For patients and physicians in the Dallas area, a medical answering service can provide a critical connection outside office hours. [...]

Employee Screening Tips for Small Business

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Figuring out how to attract top talent is an issue that all employers must grapple with. What kind of work environment does an in-demand candidate typically prefer? How can you detect “red flags” in a candidate’s employment history that potentially point to inadequate workplace skills and/or serious character deficiencies? What is the best way to quickly [...]

How to Reduce Company Costs and Increase Profits with Call Centers

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For a small business owner, it can seem nearly impossible to successfully juggle the various duties and obligations required just to keep the doors opens and the lights on, to say nothing of the difficulties of generating enough revenue to allow the rate of growth necessary to stay competitive in the corporate world of today. With [...]

Call Center Services Boost Customer Service Experiences, Reduce Costs

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Small businesses are under increasing pressure to compete as a global economy opens up their traditionally exclusive territory to rivals for customers from around the world. Providing exceptional customer service is one way small businesses can rise above competitors, but providing top notch service on a small business budget can pose a seemingly impossible challenge. Using [...]