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Frequently Asked Questions 2016-12-07T18:52:16+00:00
How do I forward my phones to Personalized Communications? 2016-07-17T01:44:07+00:00

There are three common types of telephone services; POTS, PBX, and VOIP.

  • POTS Line – Plain Old Telephone System (most common)
    • Dial *72. (Some service providers will require you to dial 72#.)
    • If there are multiple lines, you must be on the 1st line of the phone.
    • Dial the call forward number (DID) provided.
    • Once you receive an answer, you may hang up.
    • Test call forwarding by dialing your office number.
  • PBX – Private Branch Exchange
    • PBX provider must configure forwarding for this type of system.
  • VOIP Line
    • With most providers, you may log into your VOIP control panel and set up your forwarding according to your vendor instruction.
How do I un-forward my phones? 2016-07-17T01:43:28+00:00

Standard instructions for a POTS line is to dial *73 (or 73#).

If I get simultaneous calls, will my callers receive a busy signal? 2016-07-17T01:43:02+00:00

Like most call centers, our call center does exercise call limits. Unlike most call centers, this can be increased any time at NO additional charge. We only need to know when to expect your call volume for staffing purposes.

Do you have backup systems in place? 2016-07-17T01:42:36+00:00
  • Computers – Servers are backed up nightly.
  • Power – Our utility power is backed up by our commercial UPS system and commercial natural gas generator.
  • Internet – We supply redundant high-speed DSL and Cable internet feeds to our entire network.
  • Phone – We use T1 level telephone service from two different providers.
Are my messages secured? 2016-07-17T01:41:56+00:00

Yes. We use gateway level, server level, and workstation level anti-virus and intrusion protection.

What will I be billed for? 2016-07-17T01:39:52+00:00

You are billed for the time utilized by an agent to handle your call. Your usage starts from the time the call is answered by a live, friendly agent until the call is no longer on the agent screen. We host a variety of plans to fit your business needs with live agent rates starting at $39.00.

Are your calls outsourced overseas? 2016-07-17T01:39:23+00:00

No. Personalized Communications is a U.S. owned and operated business.

How soon can I start? 2016-07-17T01:38:59+00:00

Start times are coordinated with your sales consultant dependent upon the complexity of the account. Most accounts are ready for use in 24-48 business hours, as long as all account details have been submitted. Need your account to start sooner? No problem. Many basic accounts can start the same day if all account details are submitted before noon.

How does it work? 2016-07-17T01:38:30+00:00

Once the account is ready, your customer care associate will contact you with the call forwarding number and standard call forwarding instructions. Once the line is forwarded to the number provided, all of your calls will be answered by one of our agents. The agents will take a message and deliver as per your instructions.

How will I receive my messages? 2016-07-17T01:38:08+00:00

We have several options for message delivery. You may request your messages to be received via fax, email, text, online, or by phone call.

When will I receive my messages? 2016-07-17T01:37:24+00:00

Message delivery can be upon request, scheduled or immediately after each call.

Can I monitor my usage? 2016-07-17T01:36:59+00:00

Usage can be monitored by using our online reporting options.

Can I change my plan? 2016-07-17T01:36:35+00:00

Because we have no contracts, your plan can be changed at any time.

Is there a contract? 2016-07-17T01:35:52+00:00

There is no term contract. Therefore you are not locked in for an extended period of time. We only require a signed service agreement which outlines the rate you have selected along with any additional terms so there are no surprises on your bill.

How can I submit account or script changes? 2016-07-17T01:33:13+00:00
  • Calls us toll free at 1-800-232-3321 to speak to a customer care associate.
  • Email us at
  • Fax to 1-866-546-3599.
  • Please include your account name or number.
Can I fax my on call schedule? 2016-07-17T01:32:45+00:00
What are the hours for the customer care team? 2016-07-17T01:31:45+00:00

Customer care is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST.

How long are your recordings stored? 2016-07-17T01:31:14+00:00

Recordings are stored for thirty days at no additional charge. Personalized Communications also offers Voice Recording Storage should your recordings need to be stored for longer periods of time.

How will I receive my invoice? 2016-07-17T01:30:00+00:00
  • You may receive them via fax or email.
  • Regular U.S. mail is also available. Processing and postage may be applied.
Who can I contact if I have questions? 2016-07-17T01:29:33+00:00
  • You may call our billing department Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM CST by calling 1-800-232-3321.
  • Email us at
Could I receive a usage report? 2016-07-17T01:29:11+00:00

Online access to your usage report is available upon request.

What period does the base rate cover? 2016-07-17T01:28:50+00:00

The base rate covers the service period listed on the invoice just below the remittance address.

What is the difference between the service period and usage period? 2016-07-17T01:28:29+00:00

The service period applies to your base rate and holidays. The usage period applies to usage only.

Do you charge late fees? 2016-07-17T01:26:16+00:00

Yes. If an invoice is not paid by the due by date of each invoice, a 5% late fee will be assessed on the next invoice for past due balance.

When are invoices due? 2016-07-17T01:25:30+00:00

All invoices are due upon receipt and late if received after the due by date on each invoice.

What type of payments do you accept? 2016-07-17T01:25:07+00:00

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, Checks, and ACH/EFT (ACH and Credit Card Methods require a completed Payment Option Agreement on file.)