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How Our Legendary Service Works

Imagine worry-free sales controlled by you. Personalized Communications offers comprehensive call center solutions for any size business in need of inbound call service management. Your outsourcing needs will be carefully examined and a personalized package will be created especially for your business environment.

Once we implement your company’s customized communications package, our highly trained staff of communication professionals will provide a consistent and efficient way for your company to meet the demand of high volume call center activity.

Personalized Communications - Call Center Agency

U.S. Owned and Operated since 1975

Fast, Easy Set Up

24-7 Live Service

Let your clients know you are always open for business. With live agents provided by Personalized Communications, you are letting your customers know their call matters.

Bilingual Agents

Hablamos Español! With growing trends in diversity, Personalized Communications stays ahead of the game with in-house English-Spanish bilingual agents available to take care of your clients.

Call Recording

Do you need your patched calls recorded? Our agent will screen the call per your instructions, connect the caller to you and drop off the line.

Email, Text, & Fax Delivery

Does your management team need to stay in the loop of calls received after hours? We can email multiple users a recap of all messages so you can stay on top of your business.

Toll Free Numbers

Our toll free numbers allow us to receive calls from anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. We offer a range of numbers ready for immediate use.


Our voicemail offers convenience and ease of use. Receive immediate notifications via email, text or pager when a message has been received.

Online Account Access

The internet has proven to be a powerful communications platform which can be found practically anywhere you are. Personalized Communications is proud to offer a diverse set of online tools to make you more efficient.

Web On-Call Schedule

With two different levels of access, Web On-Call Schedule allows everyone on your team to view who is on call but still provide a selected few access to actually make changes.

Live Call Transfer

If you prefer the personal touch of a live, pleasant person on the other end, then Personalized Communications is your answer.

Why Personalized Communications is Like No Other Answering Service

Personalized Communications is the only virtual receptionist service dedicated to making personal connections with your callers. Our real, human service enabled by leading-edge technology has builtPersonalized Communications into a platform by which small business owners can win business with memorable first impressions.

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