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24/7 Live Service & 24/7 Agents

24/7 Live Agents

It is in no way unusual to call a company and immediately reach an automated voice attendant or a computerized message that uses voice prompt to navigate us through a business’s telephone system. In fact, we are so accustomed to an automated system that we are completely taken aback when a live person answers a business phone.

Automated systems have their place in the business world and can actually be quite convenient in managing a large company’s daily influx of calls. However, personal service is lost in this exchange and can result in a loss of business if a client or potential customer feels that their call is not valued.

The call center service you use will often be the first impression someone gets of your business, both in the way your phone is answered and the manner in which your customers are treated. Why take a chance with something so important?

24/7 Live Agent Support

Let your clients know you are always open for business. With live agents provided by Personalized Communications, you are letting your customers know their call matters; that their questions are relevant and worthy of immediate response; and that your company is always available to them giving them the peace of mind.

Your business has full time staff without the overhead. While a business may very well need to be available to their customers and clients at all times, they might not have the financial resources to staff their company around the clock. Personalized Communications steps into that role, consistently working for your business even when you are closed and your staff has gone home.

Whether you decide to utilize our live agents 24/7, during office hours, after office hours or for overflow calls you are unable to answer; let your clients know your company is always available to them giving them peace of mind.

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