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Custom Scripts

Personalized Communications offers the best in custom call center and answering service solutions.  Our call center software allows us to create custom scripts to best serve your callers.

For more detailed information, our customer care team will draft a call flow for a seamless call experience by guiding the agent with appropriate questions based on caller responses.  We will work with you to develop and fine tune call handling instructions in order to provide the best answering service experience

With our dealer locator features, our intelligent scripting can also calculate distance between your client and your nearest business location. This feature is a very useful tool when you have multiple sites, citywide or nationwide.  If your customer is on the go, our agents can send your client your address or office coordinates to their smart phone.

In addition, we can pop-up your website on our agents’ screens to ensure we have access to the most complete information possible.  If your customers request more detailed responses, we will direct them to your cellphone, voicemail, pager, or other contact method that you specify.  This ensures that your customers receive the quickest response to their enquiries.

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