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We provide answering and call center services for a variety of municipalities and bureaus, allowing residents to provide instant feedback in the vent of unexpected circumstances.

governmentPersonalized Communications has provided answering and call center services for a variety of municipalities and bureaus.

Need someone to handle incoming calls for your street, water or parks department? We can help you facilitate your after hours call response. Give your residents the ability to provide you with instant feedback in the event of a main water line break, street signals not working, hazardous park equipment and much more.

Dynamic Scripting

Our staff follows the specific scripted call flow that we design for your particular needs. The script will branch in a choice of directions to capture only the information pertinent to each individual caller. Dynamic scripting allows us to screen each call for the appropriate department and provide callers with additional information based on your instructions.


Our experienced dispatch team is here 24 hours a day to provide your on-call staff with any situation that needs immediate assistance. Each call is documented with every step taken when attempting to relay your message.

We deliver urgent messages immediately with a live phone call or text message. Text message notifications are followed up with a live phone call if we do not receive confirmation the message was received from your on-call staff.

Call Recaps

All calls are emailed or faxed for record keeping purposes.

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