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Healthcare professionals can receive integrated web and phone based services, live or automated, with guaranteed delivery to physician referral and real time appointment scheduling.

healthcareWhen you’re responsible for a busy medical practice, not just any call service will do. You need the expert medical answering services that are HIPAA compliant and designed to support your effectiveness. Personalized Communications offers you a complete medical call center solution, backed up by the highest standards of professionalism. We provide health care professionals with a comprehensive array of integrated web and telephone based services, all accessible through a universal point-of-entry.

From live or automated service with guaranteed message delivery to physician referral and real time appointment scheduling, Personalized Communications continues to innovate and maintain its leadership position within the health care industry. Among the many health care centers and medical professionals who rely on us are:

  • Dentists and dental clinics
  • Medical testing centers
  • Family physicians
  • Home health are providers
  • Hospice
  • Pharmacies
  • Doctors and other medical specialists

HIPAA Compliance

Aligning daily procedure to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a requirement for all health care providers, including their medical call centers. Personalized Communications understands the importance of protecting your patient’s information. Every agent goes through comprehensive HIPAA training and signs a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their employment. Security measures are also put into place, ranging from building access to workstation logins.

24-Hour Receptionist Services

Transfer your calls to us during lunch, while you are running errands, or on an overflow basis. Our agents are trained, ready, and available any time you need an out-of-office receptionist.

Appointment Scheduling

Need help scheduling appointments for your patients? Using an online calendar to prevent overbooking and to give you instant updates, our agents can schedule appointments on your behalf.

Emergency Dispatch

Life-threatening emergencies call for immediate action. Our skilled dispatchers will screen each call and deliver your message with a live phone call or text message. Either way, you’re covered; text message delivery is followed up with a live phone call if we do not receive confirmation of message receipt. The choice is yours.

Web On-Call Schedule

As a client, you get access to our secure Web On-Call Scheduler. Change or view the call rotation at anytime, anywhere you have Internet access!

Automated Upfront Greeting

To save you money, we offer practices like yours the option of using our after-hours upfront greeting. Automated upfront greetings generally indicate that the office is closed, provide further instructions, and can be configured with or without press options.

Sample Greeting: “Thank you for calling ___. Our office hours are ___ to ___. For billing or general inquiries, please call back during our normal business hours. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please press -1- now. Thank you.”

Let us support your organization through our comprehensive menu of medical communication services. Contact us today for a consultation.

Although all businesses have special needs when it comes to handling communication with their customers, the needs of medical facilities are especially important to patients who may need immediate care. When it comes to handling everyday appointments, medical emergencies, and everything in between, it is important to your business never to miss a call. Medical call centers make it easier for various types of healthcare facilities to handle the load more efficiently and to ensure they provide their patients with the attention and care they deserve. Personalized Communication has the experience and the skills as a medical call center to provide you with the personalized services you need to give your patients the best in care and consideration.

At Personalized Communications, we take the worry out of using medical call centers to handle important calls. We offer a one-stop medical call center solution that offers all of the internet and telephone based services you need to appropriately handle your business through a single point-of-entry. All of the services we provide will help to make every aspect of your healthcare business more efficient. Real-time appointment scheduling leaves little room for confusion while our live or automated service with guaranteed message delivery lets you have peace of mind that the lines of communication are always open and valuable information is going where it needs to be.

Medical call centers are a valuable option for all types of healthcare facilities including various types of dental care, home health care facilities and pharmacies. While all medical call centers are required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we go the extra mile to protect the privacy of your patients’ information. Our agents are given comprehensive training in HIPAA and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement when they go to work for us. We back our agents with various security measures to ensure that the information on each and every patient is protected.

Medical call centers are useful tools for large facilities but they can also benefit the small private office. We offer the flexible service packages that are personalized to meet the specific needs of your healthcare office. If you have a single receptionist that takes care of your front desk, we can take care of your incoming calls while she is out to lunch. The seamless transformation from your office to our medical call center will provide patients with a fast and personal response instead of getting an answering machine that can lead to frustration. Medical call centers also help the small healthcare business with appointment scheduling, emergency dispatch, and more.

The purpose of medical call centers is to provide patients with access to your office that makes them feel more comfortable while also giving you the relief you need when you have more business than usual or find yourself shorthanded for any reason. With more than thirty-five years of experience in the call center business, we can provide you with the personalized services that you need to provide your patients with the dependable care they expect from you.

Let us support your organization through its comprehensive menu of medical communication services. Contact us today for a consultation.

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