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We’re not just an answering service.  We’re the human connection that brings life to your business with a live person on the other end.  Get to know your call center and answering service personnel.

Adrian Treviño

Director of Operations

Adrian Treviño, Director of Operations

What lead me to Personalized Communications?  A girl.  I followed a girl to Dallas from my hometown of Del Rio.  Years later, we married.  A decade later, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  Read More+

Diana Zuñiga

Operations Manager

Diana Zuñiga, Operations Manager

I originally started with Personalized Communications back in June of 1997.  Wow how time flies! I heard about the call center and answering service position through the Dallas Morning News Job listings. Read More+

Ruth Gallegos

Asst. Customer Care Manager

Ruth Gallegos, Asst. Customer Care Manager

I’ve been a part of the Personalized Communications team since 1998 after I saw an ad in the newspaper. Yes, that long ago. I realize newspapers are kind of a thing of the past like a cassette tape LOL. Read More+

Veronica Marmolejo

Accounts Receivable

Veronica Marmolejo, Accounts Receivable

Excellent customer service is my goal!  Whether it is simply listening to understand or handling customers with a smile in our voice, everything we do is done with integrity. Read More+

Kim Lauer

Director of Sales & Marketing

Kim Lauer, Director of Sales & Marketing

I moved to Dallas from a small town in South Texas. I joined the company in 2000 while attending the Art Institute of Dallas as a referral from a friend. I’ve been blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart. Read More+

Matthew Wood

Sales Associate

Matthew Wood, Sales Associate

I first joined Personalized Communications in 2013 after being referred by a friend. Starting as an operator on the call center floor, I quickly worked my way up to become a dispatcher…  Read More+

Heather Lewis

Operations Asst. Manager

Heather Lewis, Operations Asst. Manager

As a result of my customer service skills and professionalism, I received a referral to Personalized Communications back in 2002.  Since that time, I have excelled in just about all areas… Read More+

Karen Wallace

Sr. Customer Care

Karen Wallace, Sr Customer Care

I have been with Personalized Communications since 1983, 33 years. I have been in the answering service industry for a total of 37 years. Read More+

Taylor Fawks

Customer Care/ IT

Taylor Fawks, Customer Care/ IT

I started at Personalized Communications as an operator to gain some additional experience in the workforce (when I started in 2009 at the age of 19 this was only my second job!). Read More+

James Sneed

Customer Care/ IT

James Sneed, Customer Care/ IT

I have lived in Duncanville my whole life. I have wonderful family and friends and love to spend as much time with them as I can. Read More+

Olivia Elam

Customer Care

Olivia Elam, Customer Care

Originally from California, I came to Dallas in 2002 to help care for a relative.  I loved it here so much, I decided to stay.   Read More+

Nicole Meadows

Administrative Assistant

Nicole Meadows, Administrative Assistant

I’m from Oak Cliff born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I have one sister four years older than myself.  My mom was disabled my entire childhood so we had to grow up pretty fast. Read More+

Sharon Brainard

LTC Office Manager

Sharon Brainard, LTC Office Manager

I am proud to say I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I started with LTC Answering Service in 2010 as an operator. Read More+

Kenni Watkins

Amarillo Office Manager

Kenni Watkins, Amarillo Office Manager

I have been a part of Amarillo Answering Service since 1987.  My experience started as an operator and over time I became the office manager. Read More+

Gerri Strain

Shift Supervisor

Gerri Strain, Shift Supervisor

I really enjoy helping people & take great pride in my position. My motto is “Take care of our customers and they will take care of you!” Read More+