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Karen Wallace, Sr. Customer Care

Karen Wallace

I have been with Personalized Communications since 1983, 33 years. I have been in the answering service industry for a total of 37 years.

I started out on the old cord boards, they were my favorite.  I have lasted through the transitions over the years from computers and other advanced technology, including web based call systems.

What I love best about my job is talking to my clients. I love helping with their call center needs and coming up with solutions to their specific situation in a timely manner.  I get lots of compliments on how fast I can make things happen for them, whether it’s my suggestions or a change to their account.

If I were to advise a new agent on how to last in the call center industry, it is to smile. People can hear that in your voice believe it or not. Let the caller know you are interested in what they are needing help with and to have empathy in your voice. Take the good with the bad.  Do not take things said by a caller in the heat of the moment personally.

My favorite incident that has happened to me while working with Personalized Communications was when Dallas had an ice storm years ago. It was so bad no-one was able to make it to their offices (our clients and our own staff). Well, myself and one other agent braved the storm and made it to work. I was sick and barely had a voice. We were doing the best we could until reinforcements were able to make it in. I answered one call from an upset gentleman when I started coughing. I apologized and he said let me talk to someone who is not sick. I looked around the room and had to tell him, “Sir, I am sorry, but there is only one other person here right now and they are on the phone as well.” He still wanted to talk to someone else, so I had to give him to the other person in the room. Once it was all over, we had a good laugh about it.

I have one son and a daughter-in-law with two grandchildren that live in Maryland.  My best friend is someone I met after I moved to Canton, Texas. We love to watch old black and white movies. Often, we sit outside with her family at night with a fire.  I enjoy constantly poking the fire with my very own poker stick.

“Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” – Deuteronomy 6:5 (my birthday)