Kim Lauer

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Kim Lauer, Director of Sales & Marketing

Kim Lauer, Director of Sales and MarketingI moved to Dallas from a small town in South Texas.  I joined the company in 2000 while attending the Art Institute of Dallas as a referral from a friend.  I’ve been blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart.  A decade later we were surprised with a beautiful baby girl.  I cherish my family and love to travel.  In my spare time (if there is any), I continue my education at the University of Texas in Arlington and like to do various 5K runs.  😉

Starting as an operator then moving on to training and now in charge of sales, I am always excited to learn about our various clients.  This company and its wide variety of industries have really taught me a lot.  While it was initially a job to get me through school, I continue here at Personalized Communications because of the culture our people have created.  It’s a company that focuses on more than just the bottom line.  It focuses on the people who make our clients happy and our company a great place to be.