Don’t Automate All Your Calls

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As your business grows, inevitably your phones start ringing more. Many companies think adding automated prompts and messages is the best solution for this. Easy problems are solved without taking time away from your employees. This method, however, may keep you from figuring out issues customers are having. A call center, instead, allows you to find [...]

Customer Expectations Are Evolving

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The experience your customers have matters. It can revolutionize your business or cause it to fail. With the shifts in technology, their expectations for service are changing. Most people carry smart phones, tablets and other devices that connect them not only to your phone lines, but the Internet. Mobile Expectations People who use smart phones generally [...]

Why You Need a Trained Answering Service Representative

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Some companies will hire anyone to be a call center representative. The person is put directly onto the phone lines without any training, which can be dangerous for your business. The representative won’t know how to handle difficult situations, answer questions about your business, or deal with basic customer needs. When properly trained, an answering service [...]

5 Ways a Call Center Boosts Your Business

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Call centers can vastly improve your business if you know how to use this tool effectively. Whether you are a small business wanting to expand your customer base, or you are a thriving company looking for an easier way to communicate with customers, these five methods can help you improve your business and better communicate with [...]

A Call Center Service Can Help In Emergency Situations

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As a physician you probably have an automated answering system that handles most of your after-hours calls relatively effectively. But have you ever given much thought to the way it handles patients who have an emergency situation.  If your automated system does nothing more than tell these patients to hang up and dial 911, they may [...]

Use Call Centers to Expand Your Business

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Often time's business owners have to choose how they will make their business grow, whether to invest their money into producing more products, whether to invest it in advertising or to staff a call center of their own to meet the demand. Staffing your own phones can be very costly and prevent you from investing back [...]